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Celebrating the life of

Doris Ann Barnett

October 03, 1945 - June 05, 2022

Doris Ann Barnett

Mrs. Doris Ann Barnett, age 76, of Savannah, Ga passed away Sunday, June 5, 2022, at her home she shares with her husband of 42 years, Joe Barnett.  Born on October 3, 1945, and was raised in Memphis, TN.

She is a retired Senior Vice President of Colemont Insurance Brokers.

Family members include her stepdaughters (spouses) Lori (Rich) Katzel; grandchildren, Micah, late Hunter, and late Katelyn, Ashley (Troy) Richey; grandson Blake, mother-in-law and father-in-law, Lorraine C. Jenson and late Otto Jenson Jr, her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Gary Jenson and Angela Jenson, her nieces and nephews, Jon-Michael (Tonya) Jenson; great-nephews Austin & Taylor, Jennifer (DiJai) Ferguson; Isiah & Kayden, Brett (Payton) Jenson; great-nephews Colt & Corbin, Brandon (Lindy) Jenson; great-niece Josephine, and her cousins Evelyn Jackson and Larry (Sherry) Dawson. 

There will be a private gathering to celebrate her life, the date/time will be announced through a private invitation.

In lieu of flowers, please consider planting a memorial tree in memory of Doris Ann Barnett, please visit our American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  (ASPCA).



May your family be comforted from your broken hearts. Psalms 34:18 Doris is so industrious and loving, we are eager to welcome her in the resurrection. Job 14:14 She lives in our heart and memories. Soon ,she will catch up with us in good health , young ,and more beautiful than ever. Rev 21:3,4 There will be no more pain, sickness, or death. We have eternity in our hearts so ,we are never ready to let our loved ones “rest”. Christ’s heavenly Kingdom government will restore the earth to the original condition intended. Isaiah 9:6,7 May holy sprit, and loving kindness make your heart strong. “Enjoy Life Forever” Love and Prayers, Sandy Wirfs

- Sandy Wirfs , Monroe,, Louisiana

Joe ... I am so sorry to hear of Doris's passing she was a great mentor and friend to me for the entire time we worked together. I loved everything about Doris and have so many great memories that make me smile when I think of her. All my best to you and your family. I will always cherish my great memories of my dear friend ... all my love Jan Rose Chicago

- Jan Rose, Chicago , IL

Joe, as you know DA and I have known each other since you lived in Wichita, KS many years ago. We started out as two strong women marking our territory and ended up best friends for decades. She was always my confident, a teacher, a trusted insurance broker and whenever possible shopping partners. I know your grief is overwhelming right now; but know that she loved you very much and she wanted you to move on once she passed and live the rest of your life filled with love and happiness with her blessing. She was a very special lady who wanted only the best for everyone she knew. She will be missed by many people but none more than me.

- Sandra Broadstreet, Wichita, KS

Dear Joe, the sad news has belatedly reached me from a working colleague from my days at CTH Aviation in Memphis. Doris Ann was a friend and a stalwart woman back in the early 70’s in a field dominated by men. I’m sorry to learn of her death and the fact that we are so near you both and was unaware. Doris Ann later visited me in Kansas City when I went to work for Marsh. We were Beech Aircraft brokers. We shared a lot of mutual friends in our business and again, we’ve lost some early giants in this wacky business and I’m sure Doris Ann remained true to her life calling when we were young and happy together at CTH Aviation in Memphis so long ago. May she Rest in Peace and I’m so happy you both had 42 years together. - Charlie Tooley

- Charlie Tooley, Hilton Head Island, SC

Services under the direction of:

Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chapel

  • A Private Service Will Be Held