Celebrating the life of

Frederick Charles Bogler, (USN, Ret.)

Passed away on November 10, 2021

Frederick Charles Bogler, (USN, Ret.)

Frederick Charles Bogler (USN, Ret.), 85, passed away on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. Surviving are his wife, Ellen; son Paul and daughter Suzanne.  A memorial service will be held at later date.  Please sign our online guestbook at

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Dear Ellen, Paul and Suzanne, Frederick did what he could to solve the world’s problems, but knew things were just getting worse. What a relief when he returns in the resurrection to see a paradise world full of peaceful people. He will rejoice with us in paradise. Isaiah 26:19 Each day we are a little closer to the end of this old system at Armageddon. The ones doing God’s will are going to survive. 1John 2:17 The only government that can bring eternal happiness is the Kingdom by Christ. Isaiah 9:6,7 It will replace imperfect human rulership. Daniel 2:44 Frederick will be so happy to see a healthy young man in the mirror. Job 33:24 says the flesh will be fresher than in youth. The miracle of the resurrection will motivate us to serve God forever. Please be comforted:, “Enjoy Life Forever”. Warm Christian Love, Sandy Wirfs

- Sandy Wirfs , Monroe,, Louisiana

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