Celebrating the life of

Emmet Lamar Bridges

Passed away on April 15, 2021

Emmet Lamar Bridges

Emmet Lamar Bridges, 93, passed away on Thursday, April 15, 2021 surrounded by family in his home with his breathtaking view.

Mr. Bridges was born May 2, 1927 in Louisville, GA, Jefferson County. He graduated from Louisville Academy in 1944 and the Maritime Academy, St. Petersburg, FL, Armstrong College, Savannah, GA and the Ft. Sill Artillery & Guided Missile School, Ft. Sill, OK.  He spent 5 years onboard a ship in the Pacific Ocean, Tokyo Bay, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and also from Texas City to New York.  Mr. Bridges spent 20 years in the Georgia Army National Guard 118th Field Artillery, Captain ‘B’ Battery Commander.

He worked at Union Bag for 11 years in the chemical engineering & instrument department. He was avid outdoorsman hunter and fishermen, who also Captained his own offshore charter boat business.

Mr. Bridges joined in business with Reggie Abbott in Abbott & Bridges Wood Products, a cabinet company.  In 1974, it then became Bridges Wood Products, a family business run by Mr. Bridges, his wife Sarah and daughter Glenda still to present time.

He is survived by his daughter, Glenda Joyce Bridges Gunby and son-in-law, Jimmy of Savannah. He was known as granddaddy to Katheryne “Taylor” Gunby, Garrison Bridges Gunby, Jimmy O’Neal Gunby III and his wife, Amanda; known as Big Daddy to his great-grandchildren Carter and Amelia Grace and sister-in-law Martha Gay Strickland of Athens. He was preceded in death by his parents Ennis Bridges, Lillian Hadden Bridges, brother H.M. Bridges.

Visitation will be held from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., Thursday, April 22, 2021 at Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Islands Chapel.

The funeral service will be 11:00 a.m., Friday, April 23, 2021 at Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Islands Chapel.

Interment will follow in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial Park West.





So sorry to hear of Emmet's death, but at 93 he lived a good and full life. It's no wonder he was such a fine man, because he was "a country boy" born in Louisville, Ga. And, served His country in the Navy and Ga. Army National Guard. I met Emmet through Reggie Abbott from the Savannah JayCees and Abbott and Bridges Wood Products. I bought out their last supplie of old ship "Hatch Covers" and leg kits to make coffee tables. My Deepest Sympathies to his family I know he will be sorely missed. Dudley New

- Dudley New sr, St Augustine, FL

Glenda, Bubba and kids, Johnny and I are so thankful that we got to know Emmet. He was a wonderful man just like the daughter he left to carry on his legacy. May you find strength through you loving memories in the days ahead. Prayers for all. We love you!

- Johnny and Teresa, Richmond Hill, Georgia

May the LORD comfort and help you through this time. Uncle Emmet was such a special, jolly person, and such a pleasure to be around. Love and prayers, Gail and John and all the Mole family ( Psa. 23)

- Gail and John Mole and family, Louisville, GA 30434

Glenda,so sorry to hear about this! I know the bond between Daddy and daughter is a very special one! You are in my prayers and I know that sweet memories will sustain you. Eternal rest grant unto to him Oh Lord and light perpetual shine upon him <3 !

- Cynthia J Swords, SAVANNAH, GA

A candle has been lit!

I was so sorry to hear of Emmet's death. He was a man you could look up too with respect and was a very special iconic person in my life. Everything that I know about woodworking, cabinet making and mill work is because of Emmet. I will miss him greatly.

- Ronnie Waller, Bloomingdale, Georgia

Sorry to hear of Uncle Emmet’s passing. I will never forget his laugh. Glenda, I know you will miss him.

- Geary Davis, Louisville, Ga

Will always treasure Uncle Emmet's kindness and deep sea adventures. Thankful my husband and I got to see him a few years ago.

- Pam and Jim, Social Circle, GA

Little Miss Judy’s Believe It or not! Saying Goodbye to my neighbor Emmet Lamar Bridges 1927-2021 What do I have to say about my neighbors of way over 70 years! Well, for sure it has been an honor being a friend of his family! Mr. and Mrs. Bridges have been great neighbors and a very big part of my life starting from a very young age. The fact of the matter is it was sort of my very close second home especially after my mother passed when I was 5 year old. While my father Captain Sherman Helmey was out playing the field I would stay with Mr. and Mrs. Bridges. They had a beautiful home and there were always plenty of things to eat and places to lose myself when in the playing mode. The fact of the matter is I was very happy with my situation with the Bridges, because it really did feel like a comfortable second home. Heck, after all I didn’t have to knock at all! I just opened the door and flung myself in! Mr. Bridges would always smile as I came crashing through the door! I was a happy little girl for sure! I will never forget this one late night that Mr. Bridges came over and said, “I need your boat, please make sure there is plenty of gas in it!” Well, I hurried down to the dock, check my boat, and gassed his up! My boat was a 13 foot fiberglass rowboat type powered by a 91/2 horsepower Johnson hump back. She could cruise at about 12 knots for sure...well at least she got me where I always wanted to go. Mr. Bridges arrived and I had the motor in the warming up mode! He jumped in the boat and pointed toward the Turners Creek Bridge and said, “Head towards Fields Cut!” My mind raced when I found out that we were in fact headed to the Savannah River. From this child’s point of view and when big ships are possibility involved it can certainly get a little scary. I had been in the Savannah River with my father in a wooden row boat and it wasn’t a very comfortable situation, but to do this at night! Ok, I had to stop thinking about this. As we made the turn at Fields Cut, Mr. Bridges pointed to the left, which put us in an up Savannah River running event. Now I must add that during this time navigation lights were not required on my 13 foot vessel. And I must add it was pitch black dark and I really could not see very much at all. I could see Mr. Bridges and when he pointed I turn in that direction. We were traveling down river on the left hand side or at least I thought so! As we were coming out of the first big bend the whole river was lit up and also it was very noisy. On the bank was lots of different size lights pointed in all sorts of directions. There were big stacks pushing out lots of white smoke, and the noise was deafening. It actually did look like a monster with big looking eyes, moving arms, and smoke bellowing out of it ears. Now, I knew it wasn’t a monster on the river, but I was sure glad to have Mr. Bridges at the bow. The closer we got the more we saw and heard! I didn’t like it for sure. But here’s the thing, everything according to Mr. Bridges actions, everything that I was seeing seemed normal. As we got close to the area in question, Mr. Bridges pointed to the left once again and I headed that way. He then motioned to slow down! Thank goodness it was high tide, because we were now up in the marsh near the noisy so called River Monster! Mr. Bridges shined his flashlight further up in the marsh and found what he was looking for. It was an abandon half floating row boat, which was in a disappointing condition to say the least. After a quick eye looking examination, Mr. Bridges said, “This isn’t worth saving! Let’s go!” And just like that he pointed up river and away from the Big River Monster. And just like that I was seriously relieved! Well, at least as much as a 9 year old can be! And here’s the thing I remember this boat ride like it happen yesterday! And no matter what I thought then, all I am thinking now is how wonderful a time I had with Mr. Bridges! And then one day, as if it was like magic a little baby appeared. As you most already guessed it was their pride and joy Glenda! I have to admit I was taken back quite a bit just like any only child would when their little brother or sister arrives. Taylor (Mr. Bridges first grandchild) knows exactly what I am talking about too! Now we all love Taylor’s little brother Garrison, but sometimes these unscheduled arrivals really put a damper on future plans. When Glenda arrived I was no longer the baby next door that visited all of the time. However, as you know. this all finally did work out as you can all see, but that still hasn’t stop me from telling Glenda about this every time I get the chance! And now here is one picture that says it all for sure! From left to right my aunt Nina, very young Captain John Fulcher, Emmet Bridges (striped shirt), my father Captain Sherman I. Helmey, and my Aunt Pat Helmey! At this time, the only one not residing in heaven is Captain Johnny Fulcher! What are they doing? Well, for as long as I can remember, when July 22 rolled around, which was my father’s birthday (Captain Sherman Helmey) there was always a party being planned! And we had some good ones too! I used to say, “It wasn’t a party until the blue light special showed up!” (But that’s another story for sure) Anyhow, from the looks of this picture my father was so old that he had to have his candles spread out over many birthday cakes. And my aunt is respectably trying to count all of the candles! And the future Captain Johnny Fulcher (charter captain fish catcher extraordinaire) is ready to have a big piece of one of these birthday cakes! Mr. Bridges is sporting that wonderful laugh that will be missed by so many! And then there was this time, when Mr. Bridges and my father Captain Sherman I Helmey went to Titusville, Florida. The reason for their trip was to go to see my father’s boat that was being built at Thompson Trawlers. Once arriving they checked in to my father’s favorite hotel on the strand that was called the Rocket Launch Inn! Heck, over the years I have stayed at this hotel on several occasions. This hotel strand was right on the oceanfront up close and personal, which offered a grand stand view of the lift off of the space shuttle. However, daddy and Mr. Bridges were not there to see any space shuttle they were there on plain monkey business. In my father’s and Mr. Bridges world when any of this took place absolutely no monkeys were involved! Their day was simple they would rise, go eat a big breakfast, and then head over to the Thompson Trawlers where my father’s boat was being built. After dozens of questions and plenty of interruptions my father and Mr. Bridges would head home or should I say back to the Rocket Launch Inn! At this time alcohol could have and most likely was involved. They would head over to their favorite steak restaurant have a big dinner and of course they allegedly would have a few more drinks. After their big steak dinner was devoured, back to the Rocket launch Inn. And this was where it got real interesting. Mr. Bridges told me this story about one of their visits to the Rocket Launch Inn. According to the tale told, after a few more toddies, my father while in his underwear decided to climb one of the palm trees that were right outside their hotel door. As Mr. Bridges told this story I had my own vision going on in my mind! As the story goes, Mr. Bridges told my father, “Sherman you had better come down out of that tree I bet they have called the cops!” And as Mr. Bridges is telling the story I am visioning my father in his baby blue boxer short just climbing with one hand and holding a drink of brown liquor in the other. And since my father was already home from this climbing fiasco, I already knew he had not fallen out of that palm tree. Mr. Bridges then said, ‘”It was good thing that the palms by the hotel grew parallel to the sidewalk and not straight up!” Somewhere during and around all of this time Mr. Bridges became Captain Emmett Bridges and this was where the charter boat business phase started. Captain Emmett’s named his boat the “Glenda Jane!” Now, you must know, Mr. Bridges loved fishing and now he was getting paid for it. He was a great fisherman, but here’s the thing he never wanted to come back to the dock. And when he did he had fish everywhere. They were packed in the cooler, all over the deck, on the engine cover, and even thrown down in the bow. I remember calling him on the VHF radio and asking where are you and him replying in the sound be back to the dock shortly. Now how did I learn to know that meant? No matter what Mr. Bridges should be back to the dock before 12 midnight! Fast forward many years.... When I get back from fishing and as we are throwing fish on the dock Mr. Bridge would always ask, “Did you catch those fish off my ledge!” My answer was always replied yes and then I always would say the loran numbers 61070 45345! To this day we call it the Mr. Bridges Ledge! As I am writing this I truly believe that Mr. Bridges and my father Captain Sherman I Helmey are once again fishing together, watching boats being built, and climbing palm trees while drinking heaven’s finest juice! Saying goodbye to Mr. Bridges was very hard to do for many reasons, but the most important was because he was always on the dock cheering us on with that infectious laugh! The older you get the harder it is to change! No matter what, I am still fishing Mr. Bridges’ ledge, thinking about him, and watching for him on the dock! What does all of this boil down too? One of my greatest memories ever! Thanks for reading! Captain Judy

- Captain Judy Helmey, Savannah, GA

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