Celebrating the life of

Lewis Copeland Tate

April 18, 1945 - November 07, 2020

Lewis Copeland Tate

Lewis Copeland Tate, 75, of Savannah, Georgia passed away peacefully on November 7, 2020 surrounded by his family.

He was born to parents Russell and Edna Tate in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lew graduated from The McCallie School, where he learned to live by their motto, “Honor, Truth, Duty.” While at the McCallie School he played varsity soccer and football and received the Stevens Award for best athlete. He received a graduate degree from Nova Southeastern and a degree in English from Furman University, where he was a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity and star of the men’s soccer team.

Lew is survived by wife Ellen Maguet, son Lewis Judson Tate, daughter Elizabeth Tate Barrow son-in-law Thomas Barrow, his nephew, John Allan Still, as well as his SCAD and First Presbyterian Church families. Lew was predeceased by parents Lewis Russell and Edna Tate, and sister Julia Tate Still.

Reminiscent of a true Renaissance Man, Lew embraced knowledge and growth through impressive athletic, literary, and dramatic pursuits. Lew touched the lives of many through his teaching at SCAD and First Presbyterian Church, and through his coaching career that spanned over 40 years. He was also the proud editor of the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter.

He will forever be remembered quoting Shakespeare, singing Elvis Presley, and telling captivating stories. In the words from his favorite work, “Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, / And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

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Ellen, Judson and Betsy, May Lew Rest In Peace. He will always be remembered. Tom and I often talk of one of our favorite times being swim meets at Dagon Park. God speed to you. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Fondly, Danellos

- , Danellos, Georgia

Dear Ellen, Judson and Betsy, i am so sorry to know Lew is gone. He was a wonderful person. I’m sending love and prayers. Fraser

- Fraser Gianaras, Statesboro, Georgia

Remembered and appreciated the times at McCallie as a classmate '64

- Harry Thomas Cavalaris, charlotte, NC

Love and peace to you all.

- Kathleen E Hodges, Thunderbolt, GA

Dona and I are very saddened to hear about Lew's passing. He was a great friend and wonderful person. I first met Lew in 1990 and we were colleagues at SCAD for many years. Literally, everyone loved Lew at the college. He was a major part of its history. We wish Ellen and her family the very best during this difficult time. We will always have the best memories of Lew.

- John Valentine, Savannah, GA

I was so sorry to learn of Lew's passing. While I did not know Lew well when we were students at McCallie--I was a boarding student--I came to know him better at reunions we would both attend. What a fine man, and our degrees in English always gave us fodder for conversation.

- Tom Biggs, Louisville, TN

Dear Ellen, Betsey, and Judson, A memory that I will carry with me always is my last visit with Lew just one month ago. He and I spent some quality time reminiscing about McCallie and Furman. Our discussion included things that occurred over 55 years ago. He was a quality husband, dad and friend. I will miss him.

- Jimmy Smith, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Lew has been a special friend to me over the years. I will miss him. Peace to you all- Ellen, Judson and Betsy

- Carol Stevens, Savannah, Ga

I met Lew, who lived on my freshman year at Furman and then shared KA brotherhood for 50+ years. I will continue to share the many memories of his lifetime. His was a life well served and my condolences to the family.

- john t goodson, Bullard, TX

Lewis was a good man and a good friend. He will be missed.

- Pete Austin, Mills River, NC

Prayers for the family, Lew was a great person and will be greatly missed

- Robert k Michaels, Rising Fawn, Ga

Dear Ellen and family, As a young adult returning student many years ago , I nervously walked into my english class at SCAD after years of being out of school. From day one all trepidation and worry I had went away and thanks to Lew those feelings transferred to inspiration and excitement. I had the double pleasure of being his student and years later his colleague at SCAD both opportunities were an immense honor and I am profoundly grateful for the many wonderful conversations and laughs we shared. May God's perpetual light shine on him and may he Rest in Peace. Sincerely, Darrell Naylor-Johnson

- Darrell Naylor-Johnson, Savannah, GA

Lew Tate impacted the lives of countless students in many ways during his more than three decades as a member of the SCAD faculty. Lew wore many hats at SCAD, among them beloved educator, respected mentor, soccer coach, and generous volunteer, and he always imbued his work with joy, warmth, and genuine care for others. I was honored to recognize Lew with the title of Professor Emeritus upon his retirement in 2017, and his legacy endures at SCAD. I will always remember his wit, kindness, and warm smile. The lives of his many students and colleagues are all far better for having known him. His was a true educator’s heart, and I remain ever grateful to him for sharing his wisdom with SCAD. I extend my deepest condolences to Lew’s wonderful family whom he loved so very much. Lew is forever a cherished member of the SCAD community and is dearly missed.

- Paula Wallace, Savannah, GA

Ellen, our prayers are with you. Lew was a man of great mirth, a man of great talent, and a good friend to Mike at SCAD.

- Mike and Gwen Crowder, Ponte Vedra Beach, FLA

I was so sorry to hear about Lew's passing. Even after all these years, I look back with such fond memories and appreciation for Lew's leadership in the Covenant Class at First Presbyterian. He enriched us all. Sending my deepest sympathy and prayers to you and your family, Ellen. Sherry Templeton

- Sherry S Templeton, Kansas City, MO

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Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chapel