Celebrating the life of

Lois Stafford Howard

Passed away on April 13, 2020

Lois Stafford Howard

Lois Stafford Howard was born September 14, 1923 in Savannah, Georgia daughter of Vida and Henry Pratt Stafford and died April 13, 2020 in Blairsville, Georgia.  She was a member of Bull Street Baptist Church.

Other than her parents, she was preceded in death by a brother, Henry Pratt Stafford Jr., her sister, Eugenia Stafford Cantrell, and her oldest child, John Webb Howard Jr.

She is survived by her children, Thomas Heyward Howard, Robert Preston Howard, James Stafford Howard, Alida Lois Howard and Pratt Harper Howard, 13 grandchildren and number of great grandchildren.  

The funeral service was conducted April 16, 2020 at a graveside service in Bonaventure Cemetery where she was laid to rest next to her beloved sister, Gene Cantrell.

In lieu of flowers, donations are appreciated for Alzheimer’s Association, 4849 Paulsen St., Suite 103, Savannah, GA 31406.



A candle has been lit!

Mother, I love you more than words can explain. I will always have you in my heart and think of you everyday. I am so grateful for all the time we had together and blessed that I was able to take care of you. I will cherish every memory of you. Your home now in heaven with your Daddy Mother and beloved sister Gene. I love you and will miss you, your daughter Alida

- Alida Howard, Morganton, Georgia

You will be missed immensely, by so many.

- Jesse Marescalco , Fort Mill , SC

Mom, I love you and miss you, your son-in-law, Ray

- Raymond William Marescalco, Morganton, GA

A candle has been lit!

It is hard to find any words to express the loss I have for my grandmother, who I know simply as grandma and to my kids as GG. After the loss of my father, John Howard at the age of 12, I felt a deep need to connect even more with her as I grew older, and this need developed into an incredibly strong and beautiful relationship unlike any I have ever had, or will have again. She once sent me a card that described our relationship as a charm bracelet; and as I sit here today, I can almost feel the bracelet in my fingers as I touch the charms....remembering so many special and ordinary moments. Growing up I remember visiting grandma mostly with my dad. We would go to her various houses and play in the yards, with the pets and enjoy our family time. My dad loved his mother and it was evident...and we learned to love her the way he did. I loved cracking nuts at her house and picking through the pecan shells. She used to bring us flavored toothbrushes from the dentist where worked, ...I wonder why I don't see those anymore. We got bit by fire ants in the sand, pricked by cacti in the yard and muddied by black dirt...and I loved it all. We had so many great moments alone during my college years. Of greatest importance are the ones about faith and Christ. My grandma is one of the most influential people in my journey as a Christian, and there is no greater legacy to have left for me or my family. The ordinary experiences we had were hardly so, and something that I looked forward to, becoming part of routine that was so dear to me. Sifting through the magazines that had arrived since my last visit, watching the birds come up to the porch, wondering how far the rain would bring water into the yard, staying up until way past anyone's bedtime talking, going to church and then lunch.... Speaking of lunch I can't even think about my grandma without thinking of food .....cheddar cheese toast on rye bread made in the toaster oven, tomato sandwiches, Grape nuts cereal, fried shrimp and oysters, trekking out to find boiled peanuts, and yes my treasured taste of Lemonade Cake. We so enjoyed our Carey Hilliard's and we actually did get to Love's even if it was just once. I enjoyed my grandma too in the company of others often. Although my relationship with her led to me Savannah many times over, I was able to spend time with my aunts and uncles during most of these trips. My aunt Alida, my sister Beth and I would often sit up laughing with grandma until wee hours of the night; us with a glass of wine and she fully dressed until we finally drug ourselves off the couch and down the hall to bed. Quite often we would go to lunch after church with Tommy, Linda, Deborah and Pratt. I remember how happy she was when Uncle Pratt would come fill the bird feeders and cut the grass. There was always a Mountain Dew for him in the fridge. She enjoyed so much when Uncle Tommy would come check on her. She talked often of how proud she was of Uncle Jimmy and his ministry. How joyous she was when Bobby visited in those last years. She was so grateful to Alida for so many meals cooked, pills counted and the careful directions posted everywhere in that incredibly neat handwriting. There is no love like a mother and a son, nor a mother and a daughter. Well....maybe that of a grand daughter is close. Her friend Charlie was endearing to me and my kids, and I am sure he is quite happy she finally arrived in heaven where he was bound to be waiting for her. We visited her friends and she enjoyed introducing me to many. It was a wonderful feeling to feel so loved, cherished and to belong. Once I went with her to see Alida, she was driving, and I remember thinking I might not get back from the Atlanta suburbs. She loved her independence and her job at Volvo. As it became more difficult for her to take care of herself I loved taking her places, helping her in the kitchen, folding laundry when I visited, bringing her Carey Hillard's take out, and watching Leo chase the ball into the corners. We most loved doing nothing, enjoying time. Some of my most wonderful memories were with my grandma and my Aunt Gene, her sister. Once when Aunt Gene came to Savannah the two of us took a walk and literally got lost in grandma's neighborhood. We laughed about that for years to come. As a gift from my Aunt Alida, Aunt Gene and grandma made the trip up to Maine when my first child Henry was born. I will never forget the two of them arguing in the elevator at LLBean... My husband and I still chuckle about that 23 years later. I loved our trip to Aunt Gene's birthday party in Greenville...not much more special than the two of us together on that trip. Those two were just so special to me. My Aunt Gene was very special to my father so it was fitting that I was as well. I am glad they are all rejoicing with each other now. Even when I was living in ME, far away from Savannah, and then CT, and VA....we always found a way to see her as much as possible and for her to know my kids. Monica would ride the stationary bike, Henry would try and ride Sebastian and all the kids were drawn to the small toy cabinet when they visited Dyches Drive. It didn't matter that the games were missing pieces from all the kids over the years....they found a way to make a mess and protest putting it back. They would always beg to hear the bird clock chirp, ask to play with her adding machine and read the Nancy Drew books in the back bedroom. Grace and I shared a very special time with her when we decorated Christmas cookies with her in the nursing home....we took her cookies and icing that we made and Grace helped her put the sprinkles on. They are so blessed to be able to have spent such quality time with their great grandmother. I could write forever about my grandma, and yet no amount of words will ever detail all the memories we shared. As I struggled to grapple with my feelings upon learning of her being called home, my sister Beth said it best. "When we were with grandma, everything in the world was right." I will learn to live with this hole in my heart and honor it. Now to you sweet grandma, Grandma, I tried to share with everyone who reads this just how much you mean to me and how special you are, although it is just not possible. The legacy you have gifted me is my love of Christ and family, and there is nothing more special to have. Thank you. I will carry our memories in my heart forever and am so much better of a person for having been blessed with your love. It doesn't seem quite real that the last time I drove toward that epic globe was to say goodbye, but it is so. I am sad, deeply sad but I know you are with me and will see you again. I will keep learning the names of birds, perfecting my lemonade cake and praising the Lord. I will love you forever. Sally

- Sarah Ann Earle, Summerville, South Carolina

Grandmother, I know you are resting easy in the arms of our Savior. Thank you for loving your family so thoroughly and know that this is your legacy: strong faith in God and strong love for family that endures life’s trials. You are missed and loved.

- Robert Howard, Jr., Vestavia, AL

Thank you for being such an important part of all of our lives grandma. We will miss you and will always remember you. I will cherish all of the memories I have with you and all of the things you taught me when we were together.

- Brian Marescalco, Wilmington, North Carolina

Howard Family, Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at the passing of your Mom. Jennie and Family

- Jennie Marescalco and Family, Camp Springs , MD

One of my favorite memories is the Thanksgiving we all spent together with Grandma at Alida's house. I got to hear so many stories, about the airport, and her favorite adventures with Aunt Gene. I'm glad they are together again, although it does not ease the hurt. My thoughts are with you all. Love, Ruthie

- Ruth Marescalco , Wilmington, NC

Services under the direction of:

Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chapel