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Celebrating the life of

Angela Maggioni Beasley

Passed away on January 26, 2024

Angela Maggioni Beasley

Angela Maggioni Beasley, 77, also affectionately known around town to many as “The Puppet Lady”, passed away beautifully, January 26, 2024 in Savannah.  

She is predeceased by her parents L. P. Maggioni and Moscelyn Z. Maggioni, her brother Paul, and her beloved husband Roddy. 

She is survived by her daughter Alyson (Brad), granddaughter Olivia, son Jeffrey, brothers Ralph (Kathy), Joe (Ellen), Vincent (Patricia), and Philip, and many cousins, nieces and nephews, all of whom she loved dearly.

A native to Savannah, she was born on November 4, 1946 and loved her city to the core. In fact, she became a fixture here by spending nearly her entire adult life delighting and entertaining generations of Savannah’s children and adults alike with her bespoke, hand-made puppet creations and puppet and theater productions, works of animated art that went beyond the typical into the fantastical, educational, and always entertaining. 

After marrying the love of her life, Roddy, she began as a young mother looking for something creative to do, and her love of sculpture and theater led her to the Savannah Children’s Theater in the early 1970’s where she learned to create puppets. Soon, she began to perform her own shows, and started her business, Angela Beasley’s Puppet People, which has been a fixture in Savannah for over 55 years. Adult children often approached her with their own children, speaking of how she used to entertain them at their own birthday parties growing up, bringing full circle what she believed was a satisfying accomplishment.

As Angela’s creations morphed from hand-puppets to super life-sized animated characters, her shows grew from small children’s birthday parties to full-scale national and international stage productions, conventions, corporate events and festivals–including the Olympic Ceremonies here in Savannah!

And she represented her city well, always giving back, always teaching, always sharing her knowledge and talents and time with anyone who had a desire to learn, or anyone that simply enjoyed being entertained by the arts. 

Defying categorization, larger than life, magnificently talented, generous, energetic, a true leader of the arts, a trailblazer, outrageous, hilarious, humble, magical–these are just a few of the words others have used to describe her. 

To say she was talented is an understatement. She was more than just an artist, puppet crafter, writer and performer, she was a teacher, and mentor who created a space and atmosphere that drew others to her like a magnet, as she was ready to foster the talent of others. She surrounded herself with her own band of compatriots and co-conspirators, drawing others into her divine world of chaos and creativity.

Puppeteers, writers, actors, singers, dancers, painters, costumers, sculptors, and friends, all collaborated with her to bring her creative visions to life-and all had a BLAST doing it! Those around her grew as artists and as people—and those were magical days. 

Brought forth somewhere from both the ether and her imagination were creatures and creations of beauty, fantasy, and whimsy, all a reflection of the connection to some vein of consciousness that flowed through her so freely, allowing her to manifest the embodiment of that in her work.

But what truly made Angela special was her zest for life. Going 8000 miles a minute in every direction is the way she liked to roll, and as a dear friend put it, she was the “mother of merriment” everywhere she went! 

For her, life itself was a party, which could not have been more true these last couple of years as she went from crisis to miracle time and time again, increasing her determination to get every inch of joy out of life, surpassing each speed bump with vivaciousness and humor. 

But most importantly, she was also a good friend to so many. She was “there”. She showed up. And she had a way that brought a positive spin to our world, and we adored her for it. 

Her strength was connection–connecting herself with others on an authentic and meaningful level, and connecting others who may not have had a chance to know each other otherwise.

Surely, she will be missed by every person who ever met her, because there has never been a woman like Angela Beasley, and there never will be again.  She was a true original, a true Savannahian, and she lived every moment of her life with passion.  She dedicated her life to sharing her gifts with the world, entertaining and uplifting both.

The sparkle of the world has dulled a bit with her passing, as grief knits together the hearts of all who knew her, as we all mourn our deep loss….

 …buuut…being sad is the antithesis of what she was fundamentally about, so please, as we celebrate her magic, let us allow it to live on inside of us, with a little magic of our own, so we can then let that shine out into the world. That’s the way she would want it…  #supportthearts

A visitation will be held on Friday, February 2, 2024 from 4:00 p.m.until 7:00 p.m. at Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chapel. A Celebration of Life service to be held at 3:00 p.m. at Asbury Memorial Church, 1008 E. Henry St in Savannah on Saturday, February 10, with an opportunity to share anecdotes, memories and stories. 




Angela was one if a kind in this world - funny, charismatic, giving, and a unique artist who made every experience with her a trip! She and Roddy were great friends and she will be missed so very much. We are reiieved that her pain has ended. Our profound condolences go to Allison and Jeffrey.Also our prayers. Tina and Brice Ladson

- Ladson, Richmond Hill, Ga 31324

She will be sorely missed. She was my friend since 10th grade 1962. She has always encouraged and inspired my life. It is hard to imagine this loss. This stings deep. My condolences to all her family with much love. She fought the good fight...Needless to say she is in a better place.Cesi Myers

- Frances Myers, Mc Gaheysville, VA

She will be sorely missed. She was my friend since 10th grade 1962. She has always encouraged and inspired my life. It is hard to imagine this loss. This stings deep. My condolences to all her family with much love. She fought the good fight...Needless to say she is in a better place.Cesi Myers

- Frances Myers, Mc Gaheysville, VA

There are simply not enough words to say about Angela!! She was so unique, artistic beyond words and giving to anyone who crossed her path!i My love and prayers to her family!

- Mary Ellen Corbell, Savannah, GA

Angela was an amazing talent. She was fun to be with. Her positive energy, outlook, and laughter made every moment with her a joy. We first met at national puppetry festivals. She will be missed in the puppetry community and as a dear friend. My love to her family.

- Claire Ritzler, Winterville, GA

A candle has been lit!

Allison, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I hadn't seen her in a few years, but she was a good friend and fun to be around. You couldn't help but laugh when she was there. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time.

- Anna B Highsmith, Savannah, GA

Angela, was a very caring, giving and fun person to be around. She had a ready and wonderful laugh. I met her about 15 years ago when I was doing research on her family and shrimping. We enjoyed sharing information and lunches. She was extremely creative with her amazing puppets, artistic art projects and using the Maggioni labels. I loved her stories and will miss her a lot. My sincerest condolences go to Allison, Jeffrey and Ralph.

- Beverly Jennings, Hilton Head Island, SC

Angela was a beautiful woman. Prayers for the family. She will be missed.

- Anna Maria Thomas, Thunderbolt, GA

I was deeply heartbroken when I learned of Angela’s death. She was an extraordinary woman, and I’ve loved her most of my life. She was part of our close teenage gang in high school, and I had a chance to hug her again at our get together last Fall. She was fun and kind, wildly creative, generous to everyone and an outstanding beauty. I was charmed and in awe of her Puppet People who brought pure joy to so many fans young and old. She will be missed. My condolences to Angela’s family.

- Anne Lattimore Janas, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

I have known Angela since high school and she has always been a "ball of fire." She was a rare individual with unbelievable talents that she happily shared with all of us, not quite so talented as she. Angela always in the spotlight and great company...intelligent, amusing, truthful but kind, and always willing to give her amazing advise about any subject being discussed. She will be missed.

- Loretto Lominack, Savannah, GA

I was saddened to read of Angela's death....I told my almost 50 year old daughter about the loss, and she immediately said, "oh, no, the puppet lady." We knew Angela from the early days, and my daughter shows how memorable she was for all.....I left Savannah in the late 80s, but I well remember that lovely face and wonderful personality. Please accept our deepest sympathy.

- Anne H. Horstman, Madison, GA


- Kim H Gay, Savannah, GA

We will be missing you at the Islands YMCA Water Aerobics class. You were so cheerful and sarcastic in the funniest way. I always enjoyed seeing you in your colorful swimsuits. God Bless you friend. You will truly be missed. Love Nora

- Nora Von Duyke, Savannah, GA

A candle has been lit!

Ralph and family, my heartfelt condolences.

- Rhonda K. Sutlive, Savannah, GA

I enjoyed the privilege of knowing Angela and her mother as well as other members her very Italian Maggioni Family. She is truly her mother’s daughter…both phenomenal women! I have fond memories of helping her with her puppet shows when she was starting out. Her artistic and theatrical creativity and skill were amazing and will be admired and missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

- Patricia Brennan Murphy, Savannah , GA

Angela was a one of a kind and a true artist. Through her deep friendship with my aunt, Cherry Hargrett, I got to know her and her infectious personality. I’m so grateful I did. All our thoughts and prayers to Alyson and Jeffrey.

- Kate Hamilton , Savannah, GA

A candle has been lit!

- Alice POLLAK, Savannah, GA

The world is richer that it had Angela Beasley in it, and poorer now that she is gone. She lived so fully and exuberantly that no one who knew her would ever forget her. I know my life is better today for my time in her presence.

- Christopher J Soucy, Savannah, GA

A candle has been lit!

- Melody Norwood , Savannah , GA

Angela was the best neighbor you could ever ask. Our hearts ache for your families loss. Angela was a bright in this world and she will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, now and always.

- Art & Evie Davis, Savannah, GA

A Great Light has gone out. Those of us who knew her will always remember the great force of sheer energy she brought to every encounter. Those of us who knew her will always be blessed to have known her. I was a long-time classmate of her brother Phillip, growing up in the Catholic school system, many years ago, at Sacred Heart School on Bull St. at 33rd Street -- back in the "Old Days." The rest of the family was already ahead of me, so I did not get to know them then. I did have the great pleasure of getting to know her mother, Moscelyne, and her grandmother. many years later, and then Angela -- slightly. It was obvious even then (late 1970's) that she was a woman of high energy, enormous creativity, and great spiritual strength. I thought of her yesterday. I may have felt her spirit crossing over. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to have known the family to the extent that I did. A remarkable family. Savannah is lucky they chose to make Savannah "home." Collectively, they have changed many lives, for the better. Rafe Semmes Midway, GA

- Rafe Semmes, Savannah, GA

A candle has been lit!

Sending love and peace to all who celebrate Angela and her true beautiful essence. You have been truly blessed.

- Kelly Kilpatrick Hunt, Savannah, GA

A candle has been lit!

Sending prayers and deepest condolences to Alyson, Jeffrey and Angela’s family. Angela was extraordinary! Her talent, beautiful spirit and gift for entertaining will always be remembered. She and her puppets created magic and the most amazing stories. Peace to you and your family. She will be missed beyond measure!

- D. Stewart, Savannah , Georgia

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela for the first time a few years ago at her home for Thanksgiving dinner with my brother George and friend Bruce! I could tell Angela was a very caring and very professional person who loved being with family and friends! I wish I met her a lot earlier but the short time I knew her was worth a life time! She was a blessing to so many people and her name will be remembered for generations to come! You were an amazing person Angela! My condolences to the family!

- Mark McGarvey, Hilton Head Island, SC

Ralph and Family. Condolences. Sorry for your loss

- Janelle Smith, ELLABELL, GA

My condolences to the family. I crossed paths with Angela many times over the last 20 years and it was always a pleasure. She had a lively spirit and kindness that was so very evident! A sad loss to our community.

- Jane Levy, Savannah, GA

Great lady will be missed by all that knew her!

- Dr Jules &Nancy Paderewski, Savannah, Ga.

Our condolences to Jeffrey, Allison, Olivia, Also Ralph with Kathy, Phillip, Joe with Ellen, and Vincent with Patricia. I can't even begin to say how sore my heart is to lose Angela out of our life! Although I know she is in heaven with our moms and grandparents and great-grandparents, Uncle Paul and little Paul, and most importantly, she is finally there with her Roddy. I have no doubt she is in heaven right now with them kicking up her heels and in her element! Yet, all the memories come flooding back from when we were just children and on through the many years. I adored her! She was not just my older cousin, she was also the big sister in my life! I just assumed she would always be there. For every major joy and blessing, she was there. She was there for every devastation, and every fear I've had, she's always been the one to comfort and to celebrate with. As a young housewife and as a young mother, I always turned to her for advice. She could be brutal in her honesty but always in such a loving way. I so cherished those moments and those bits of wisdom. She made sure each of my children felt loved and cherished by her. They knew that they had her there in their corner. She took delight in each of the grandchildren as if they were her own. And it wasn't just my grandchildren. It was all her nieces, nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews, she was their spiritual angel. She found positive, loving things about each one of them, and each one was precious to her. Although we were on opposite ends of this continent, she always found time to call and tell me how one of them had this wonderful accomplishment, etc. Whether it was something from preschool or if it was something from college. She only had her one granddaughter, Olivia, who she loves so much, but in reality, she had all of us. And more importantly, we all had her, and she was just this huge blessing in our lives. When Aunt Moscelyne named her Angela after our grandmother, I don't think she had any idea how appropriate the name Angel was for her! She was everyone's Angel.

- Celyn Van Leeuwen, Murrieta, CA

I never thought I would have been involved with puppets, but who better to welcome you into that world than Angela. What a joy and privilege to have met you. All my love goes out to her family.

- Andy Hernandez, Jacksonville, Fl

My heart ached when I heard the news of Angela’s passing. I have so many fond memories of your mom being outrageous and zany with my mom and anyone within ear shot would be in stitches. Angela made an indelible impact on so many; may the wonderful memories of her bring your family comfort and peace and know that she lives on in the lives that she touched. She will be missed, but never forgotten. Sending all my love from New Hampshire.

- Sam Cook, Enfield, NH

Angela was a lovely person. I remember her as being one of the few females in a pretty strait-laced time to be bold enough to be outrageously funny. When she was on, she was almost like a stand-up comedienne.

- Charlie Brannon, Statesboro, GA

There was never a better time to be had than a day spent with Angela Beasley! Martha Nesbit

- Martha G Nesbit, Savannah, GA

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Angela. My sincerest condolences to the entire Maggioni/ Beasley family. Angela was an amazing and talented person who welcomed my wife and I to the beautiful city of Savannah when we visited several years ago. I know she will be missed by all who knew her but we can take comfort in the wonderful memories we have.

- Paul Maggioni, Harwich, Massachusetts

Angela’s warm voice and smiling eyes put everybody at ease and welcomed them into her fascinating creative funny wonderful life! What a great friend to one and all and to the community

- Julie McIntosh, Sav, GA

I have such wonderful memories of Angela as we worked together on many projects with children’s theatre groups. What an amazing storyteller. She has been such a wondrous light for so many-both children and adults. She definitely lived her life fully and joyfully. Sending love and light to all her family. ❤️

- Cynthia Fritts Stillwell, Los Angeles, CA

My son,Scott Foxx, learned to love puppetry as a child in the First Baptist Church summer camp called “Joy Shop.” Mrs Jewel Perkins taught him there. She worked with Angela in her puppet workshop. When Scott was in high school at Johnson High, Angela hired him as one of her artistic assistants. He helped create the designs and construct the puppets with her team. Already an artist since birth, Scott went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Georgia Southern University. Puppetry has continued to be a large part of his body of art work. I’m grateful to Angela for mentoring him in his teens. Her work lives on in her many students. Rest in peace.

- Marty Foxx, Savannah , Ga

Angela was creative, fun, and the delight of all who knew her. She added a sparkle that warmed our hearts. She will be missed. May her enthusiasm for life continue to enrich our lives.

- Jane W. Pressly, Savannah, GA

Alyson, I am so very sad to learn to your Mama’s passing to her heavenly home. She was the brightest light with a million watt smile. Her creativity, sense of humor and fun nature spread across our city of Savannah for many years. I know you miss her as life is never the same after we lose our Mothers. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you travel down this difficult road. Sending love to you.

- Beth Buttimer, Savannah, GA

I, like so many others, have great memories of Angela! I only learned today of her passing when I went to pick up oysters from Edding Point. I'm sorry Alyson and Jeff. Big hugs to you both. The world is a better place because Angela was in it!

- Michelle Bowers, Beaufort, SC

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