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Celebrating the life of

Everett H. Stephenson, Jr.

Passed away on December 23, 2023

Everett H. Stephenson, Jr.

Everett H. Stephenson, Jr., 76, passed away Saturday, December 23, 2023, after extended battles with cancer and sclerosis in recent years.  He was born on December 14, 1947, in Jackson, TN to Harold and Daisye Stephenson.  He obtained a B.S. from U.T. Knoxville, and a M.S. from VA Tech.  He worked on a Doctorate there for a year, before returning to industry where he would pursue innovation, mechanization, and advanced technology in industrial forestry.  Everett obtained 11 patents ranging from a triboelctrostatic spray for controlled pollination and mechanized tool for coring trees for wood sampling, to a versatile railroad car and load securement devices for transporting timber.

Retiring from the corporate world in 2005 at age 58, Ev created Talahi Technology, LLC to support small innovative companies and entrepreneurs without an R&D staff.  Progressive health failures began limiting his travel and interaction, and he soon became homebound.  He had to abandon sideline businesses of buying and renovating houses and creating multiple use timberland tracts for resale.  His hobbies turned to crafting period furniture and collecting coins, then writing, and publishing a historic fiction novel and two short story collections.

His Will dedicated scholarships for needy college work study students, plus hospice care for the elderly. 

No formal service will be held for the longtime bachelor, who will be interred privately at his family’s plot in Ridgecrest Cemetery in Jackson, Tennessee.     



I liked Everett , he was an interesting man.

- Anthony Alfonso, 513 e Gaston st, Georgia

A good friend and gracious host who always opened his home to me when I visited him on Wilmington Island. I will miss our conversations and his insightful comments. Rest in peace Ev.

- Craig Lamarque , Le Claire , IA

Services under the direction of:

Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chapel