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Flower Arrangement Differences for Men and Women

When it comes to offering up flowers after a person has passed, there are subtle differences between a man’s funeral arrangement and a woman’s funeral arrangement. Though flowers have a traditionally feminine association, in reality, floral arrangements are a beautiful way to express sympathy regardless of whether the deceased was a man or a woman. They can add warmth and light to a space, and are a visual reminder that family members and friends are there to provide support. Choosing an arrangement for a man When you are trying to select a floral arrangement to honor the life of a man who has passed away, you have options that contain a more masculine motif in both the type and color of flowers that are featured in the display. A viable option for a funeral flower arrangement for a male features a simple standing spray with just a few color variations, including red or white. A simple yet elegant display is the perfect choice to honor the life of the man. Common types of flowers that are used in an arrangement for a male’s funeral include red, orange, white, blue, or yellow roses. Some people also choose to incorporate chrysanthemums, as they typically symbolize grief and come in masculine colors. Carnations are also a solid choice for a man’s funeral arrangement, though be sure not to use yellow ones, as they typically signify disappointment. Choosing an arrangement for a woman In order to express your sympathies over the death of someone’s mother, wife, or daughter, consider selecting a floral arrangement that comes in pastel or more feminine shades. An arrangement for a woman who has passed tends to be more stylized in design, and may use flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations. Shades that work well for a female arrangement include pink, lavender, and yellow. Though offering flowers after the death of a loved one is a very traditional act, the arrangement you provide does not need to feel stuffy or outdated. There are plenty of ways to modernize an arrangement using contemporary styles, designs, and ideas. In fact, these arrangements are often viewed as a form of temporary modern art. While flowers can be a beautiful way to honor a person who has passed, it is important to make sure that proper etiquette allows for such an arrangement to be delivered without causing offense. For example, in some religions, floral arrangements are not allowed. This includes in a house of worship for Orthodox Jews. In the Protestant faith, only one floral arrangement is permitted in the space, meaning that it is probably advisable not to send the flowers to the house of worship. When you understand the protocol for that particular religion, you can offer a kind gift without inadvertently offending anyone.

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